NASCAR Gen 6 Racing At Its Best: 2014


Sorry for the late upload but this video took a lot longer than I thought it would, But this is a video to help and make people realise how awesome the racing back was in 2014 compered to the package we have in 2018, The aim of this video is to spread the word and hopefully bring the package back instead of going with the restrictor plate package for most 1.5/2 mile tracks in 2019.

The 2014 package with the high spoiler, more horsepower and other aero rules produced some of the best racing with this Gen 6 car. It allowed drivers to run side by side for many laps and made the racing to fun to watch, being able to beat your opponent back to the gas with the downforce.

As we only currently run the Gen 6 car we will only be able to get this package back, in other words we no longer run the Gen 4 and 5 car so you can’t go back to the 2011/ 2004 packages. Lets get this hashtag trending too..#BringBack2014Package

Share this to as many fans, pages, drivers as you can and get Steve O’Donnell to hear us. Kevin Harvick and Brad Keselowki tweeted me back saying they want it back, Kyle Larson, Parker Kligerman, 9 spotter and thousands of others all agree.

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Thanks for watching this video, hopefully it made you all realise how awesome the racing was back then and hopefully made you want this package back on the cup cars. Subscribe for more videos on my channel.

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